Friday, 7 December 2012

Seven for a Secret ~ Victoria Holt

Seven for a Secret
Author: Victoria Holt
Publisher: Harper Collins Publisher
 Page: 314
Price: RM 10
Status: Sold

When Frederica Hammond comes to live with her Aunt Sophie in Wiltshire, she quickly becomes fascinated by the mysterious House of the Seven Magpies. Through her acquaintance with the strange sisters, Flora & Lucy Lane, who live there, and through her friendships with Rachel of the forbidding Bell House, with Tamarisk St Aubyn and Tamarisk’s brother, Crispin, she is drawn into a web of evil and intrigue that leads eventually to murder.
Her hopes of happiness threatened, Frederica flees to the remote Casker’s Island. But she becomes determined to find the answer to the riddle that is darkening her life. Only Crispin can help her, and only he can tell her the secret buried at the House of the Seven Magpies…

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