Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sensations ~ Jessica March

Author: Jessica March
Page: 536
Price: RM15 (including postage)

Kai Wyler was the most successful sex therapist in the world. The rich, the beautiful, the powerful, the famous – from the highest of society to the giants of politics – they all came to her office seeking ultimate fulfillment in the act of love.

Yet Kai Wyler was also a woman – whose exquisite loveliness was shadowed by the ugly secret from the past she desperately sought to escape… in her passionate dedication to her work… and in the arms of lovers who promised he the happiness she hungered for. Suddenly, when all she had achieved was threatened by scandal and shame, Kai was compelled to make a decision that would force her to face her love for a man whose power over her feared, yet could no longer deny….

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