Thursday, 21 February 2013

For the Love of Julie (NEW) ~ Ann Ming

For the Love of Julie (NEW)
Author: Ann Ming
Publisher: Harper Collins
Original Price: RM 39.90
Selling Price: RM 15
Offer Price: RM 10
Status: Available


In this incredible and moving memoir, a mother tells of her fight for justice to convict her daughter_s murderer for a crime that he thought could never be punished.When her 22-year-old daughter, Julie, went missing in the night, Ann Ming was certain she had been murdered. Liasing with the police, looking after Julie_s beloved three-year-old son, Ann waited desperately for news. Three months later she found her child's decomposing body behind a bath panel.A violent local man, Billy Dunlop, was tried for her murder but a series of blunders allowed him to walk free.
Knowing he could not be tried again under the law of Double Jeopardy, he callously bragged about his 'perfect crime'.But Dunlop had not reckoned on Ann Ming_This is the extraordinary story of a fight for justice which she never gave up. A moving account of courage and determination, showing how much a mother's love can achieve.

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